After Receiving Bitcoin Gifts, Peter Schiff Could Turn Bitcoin Believer

Pomp, who wants credit for being the one who will change Peter Schiff’s mind, asks for 15 mins live stream before everyone else takes their shot. “Want to do the live stream together and I can spend 15 minutes trying to give you a difference of opinion before everyone else sends in thoughts?” Anthony Pompliano asks. Pomp Gets His Shot, But Even Better Anthony Pompliano will be getting more than just 15 minutes of a live stream on YouTube as he had proposed. In Pomp’s recent tweet, he confirmed that he, Pomp and Peter Schiff will have a debate on “Bitcoin and Gold on CNBC’s Crypto Trader.” The debate will be moderated by the show’s very own host, Ran NeuNer. Hopefully, Anthony Pompliano will play his cards right, making Peter Schiff a bitcoin beli...