Lower Volatility: Ripple CEO Says Using XRP Is Less Risky Than Fiat Transactions

However, Brad added that the true value of any cryptocurrency lies in the utility it provides. Indeed, a quick look at the long list of cryptos currently in the market shows that most of the coins don’t have an actual utility. That makes XRP the better choice, despite the fact that it’s valued way less than some of the others.  Why Libra Is Failing A few months ago, Facebook announced plans to introduce its own crypto named Libra. However, the Libra project seems to be constantly running into trouble with the authorities. According to Brad, Libra is now having a hard time because it seeks to totally replace fiat as opposed to complimenting fiat shortcomings – and it’s a hard task to try to introduce a whole new and supposedly uncontrolled global currency to replace fiat.  Bitcoi...