Bitcoin Price Diary: Long Bitcoin, Bullish on Altcoins – XLM, VET, ONE

Altcoins have been inching their way deeper into my trading routine and this seventh entry of the crypto trading journal features a newly opened position on VeChain (VET), as well as a timely buy of Stellar Lumens (XLM). I am still long on Bitcoin (BTC) from under $9,000, as price moves sideways.XLM/BTCPart 1: Setting up the tradeEntries: .00000800 satoshis (sats), .00000870(sats), .00000797 (sats)Targets: 0.00000940 (sats), .00001044 (sats)Stop loss: The first stop loss was set at .00000781 (sats) on the breakout. As usual, I move this up to follow the price when required.Risk / reward: Target 1 = 7.37, Target 2 = 12.84Entry IdeaA member of the TexasWest Capital Discord asked me to chart XLM a few days before, and I identified the .00000797 (sats) area as a place that I would consider buy...