BCH on the Run as BSV Chases it Up

BCH has seen a huge jump today, up from $280 to a brief $340 before currently settling at circa $324. That’s one of the biggest jump in the crypto space this green Tuesday as BCH seemingly turns bullish. BCH goes bullish, Jan 2020You can see the considerable volumes in the last 4h candle with this now nearly doubling in just a month. That’s while its chain-split coin, BSV, jumped a considerable 43% and is still seemingly moving up. Green January 2020Much is green as you can see, except Tether, but BCH and BSV are particularly excited because of the halvening which for them is now circa 80 days away. BSV has been rising more with it nearing an overtake in price of BCH before the latter got angry and jumped itself. In market cap however they’re not that far away, “just” a $2 billi...