Altcoin Sezun?

There’s maybe a dash to grab some of that bitcoin market cap as it might be facing resistance at 70%. The show for now has been grabbed by BCH and BSV on halvening hype with both rising on high volumes. BSV in particular is going nuts , up some 90% at the time of writing and not far off from overtaking bitcoin in price. Top cryptos, Jan 2020All are up today as you can see, and most are up more than bitcoin. Even ethereum is beating bitcoin today, with Litecoin rising twice as much as BTC. Interestingly there’s a Dash to remind all that this ancient coin still exists, rising some 30% with ETC not far behind at plus 20%. Zcash couldn’t fit in the image above, but they’re too getting some love, up 17% at the time of writing. Even Bitcoin Gold is 23% green, as well as Bitcoin Dimond, ...