TRON, Metal Pay Partnership Ensures Buyers Receive 5% Cashback in MTL -

>Justin Sun’s TRON (TRX) and Metal Pay have partnered to ensure that the cryptocurrency will be fully integrated into Metal Pay’s services, according to a press release.On TRON’s side, this means that users of Metal Pay will automatically be able to purchase the cryptocurrency with their debit cards, likely bringing in more adoption for TRON.On top of this, TRON buyers will receive 5% cashback in Metal Pay’s asset, an MTL token. This also ensures that citizens in the United States will receive access to TRX.Metal’s CEO and Founder, Marshall Hayner, commented on the matter:“TRON’s addition to Metal Pay provides their community with a bold new DeFi platform. Home to a variety of developers, dApps, and more, the products that Metal is building will accelerate...