The Weekly Wrap - Optimism Delivered Riskier Assets a Boost as Lockdown Measures Eased

The Stats It was a particularly busy week on the economic calendar, in the week ending 22nd May. A total of 57 stats were monitored, following the 61 stats from the week prior. Of the 57 stats, 28 came in ahead forecasts, with 25 economic indicators coming up short of forecast. 2 stats were in line with forecasts in the week. Looking at the numbers, however, just 24 of the stats reflected an upward trend from previous figures. Of the remaining 33, 31 stats reflected a deterioration from previous. For the Greenback, it was the 1st week in the red out of 3. The U.S Dollar Spot Index fell by 0.54% to end the week at 99.863. In the previous week, the Dollar had risen by 0.67%. COVID-19 news, geopolitics, and central bank chatter continued to be key drivers in the week. Looking at the latest co...