180NF building the largest nutritional database in the world, created by users. Earn NF Today

180NF building the largest nutritional database in the world, created by users. Earn NF Today


Everyone is different and our health and nutrition is dependent on our culture, lifestyles and local environment. So, why is it that nutritional or fitness apps treat everyone like we’re all the same? The reality is, there’s a need for a global app that can adapt and change to wherever you are in the world, not just the US or Europe.

Now there is an app that can work for every person in the world.

Introducing 180º Nutrition and Fitness, the first global health app.

180NF gives you a personalized wellness experience, customizing workouts, diets and health recommendations for your specific needs. Schedule trainings and personalized exercises whenever it is convenient for you.

The app is powered by our own cryptocurrency system, where you can earn tokens by contributing to our nutritional database. By simply scanning in food and entering in corresponding nutritional information, or completing exercise challenges, you can begin earning NF tokens that can be used to place wagers on how well you might complete a certain task or challenge.

So, whether you are walking, jogging, cycling or swimming, get involved, compete, Wager NF and win! 180NF Wager gives you a 100% professional and fitness app anywhere in the world.


Building the largest nutritional database

We want to disrupt the fitness and nutritional space. Just take a look around, in your supermarket, what are they selling to us, how many chronic disease have they appear, diabetes, obesity and everything starts with what you eat.  We live in a world that is divided by nutritional information, all of the nutritional database are control by US or Europe, and all of the nutritional or fitness apps uses the same database as reference. But they are incomplete, they aren’t taking into account most of the countries, local food, ethnicity, culture and those apps are obsolete outside the US or Europe.

We are facing a real problem and thanks to blockchain we can actually solve it by providing the most complete database not only to people or apps but to hospitals and nutritionist from around the world that can’t even evaluate their patience correctly from the lack of nutritional information of what the patient is eating and current apps aren’t helping users.

That’s why we decided to create the first nutritional database in blockchain maintain by the users. In stage 1, we created a new option in our app so anybody can scan products, contribute and earn NF tokens.

POW and POS protocol problem

One of the biggest problems in being part of a POW or POS protocol is the initial investment to receive a return. For the POW system, it is important to consider what currency to mine, how many motheboards to buy, graphics cards, refrigeration system, kilowatt price and the pool reward for contributing. For the POS system you need to buy a large amount of coins and your reward depends on the percentage you have stored versus the other users or whales.

It also has to take into account other variables such as the difficulty of bitcoin, the number of miners that exist today and the price of the coins to participate in the POS system. The reality is that it is a game for the rich and takes away the essence of being decentralized, to be part of the system you must have capital to invest and if not, you cannot enter. The only option left is to buy satoshis or fractions of coins until completing a unit but at that moment you depend on the price and not the participation in the distribution of the coins.

New mining system

Many readers must be confused or they must already be saying that it is a scam that a token can’t be mined and it is true, a token already has all the coins available. However, thanks to smart contracts, I can host a percentage of coins and determine their distribution according to the project to be carried out. That is why 180NF store its tokens in a smart contract, these coins are frozen and consists of delivering rewards to users for entering nutritional data into the 180NF database and once verified, the user will receive 0.003NF tokens if the information provided is legitimate.

What advantages does it have compared to the POW and POS protocol?

  • To start scanning you should only have a minimum of 1000 NF tokens (equivalent to $ 170 USD) in your wallet to unlock the scanner in the app.
  • The amount of tokens to unlock the scanner options will depend in the price and circulating supply
  • The reward system will also depend on the price and circulating supply
  • You only need a cell phone with internet, you do not need to buy computer parts, hire people if you do not know how to assemble it and run the algorithm or in the case of the POS protocol buy a large amount of coins to see a return reflected.
  • Users who contribute to the database will receive the same reward. For example, if 3000 users registered the same product and it is valid,  3000 people will each receive 2.8 NF. It is not like the POW or POS protocol that your reward depends on the power you deliver to the network or the amount of coins you have stored.
  • The speed of distribution of coins depends on the users, the more people register products the faster the distribution of coins will be.
  • We reward the contribution that each user makes and the profits do not depend on the investment or capital of the person but on their work.
  • Equality for all users.


We conducted a study to determine how many products exist today and their projection to fifty years, to determine how many coins would be rewarded.

The variables we are determining are:

Number of supermarket brands in a country.

Quantity of products available in a supermarket.

Percentage of products that are repeated by supermarket.

Number of countries in the world.

Amount of new products annually.

Number of iterations the algorithm does.

Projection in years.

Y = Number of iterations

M = Supermarket brands in a country.

P = Products available in a supermarket.

R = Percentage of products that are repeated by supermarket.

W = Number of countries in the world.

NW = New annual products.

N = Projection in years.


Regarding this equation we have a total of 104749605092000.0 products in a timeframe of 50 years. That’s why we calculated 95 billion tokens to cover the total products that can be found now in the world and its reserves for at least 50 years for all the new products.


Smart contracts will enable us to facilitate a payment solution working flawlessly together with a decentralized trust and reputation system between parties via the blockchain. Store valuable information that can be integrated to any solution with ease and a reward system that works 24/7 for our users. Number of smart contracts, detailed structure, and functionality will be defined and finalized during development. To illustrate the intended functionality, we provide sample workflows illustrating the architecture in each app.

The Smart contract consist in rewarding the users for inputting nutritional data into 180NF database and once it is verified the user will receive 2.8NF tokens if the information provided is legit. All the information will be stored in our own private blockchain for future use in the next developments.

The algorithm consist in machine learning to find the similarity between the data provided by the users. A commonly used approach to match similar documents is based on counting the maximum number of common words between the documents. But this approach has an inherent flaw. That is, as the size of the document increases, the number of common words tend to increase even if the documents talk about different topics. The cosine similarity helps overcome this fundamental flaw in the ‘count-the-common-words’ or Euclidean distance approach.

Cosine similarity is a metric used to determine how similar the documents are irrespective of their size.

The cosine similarity between two vectors (or two documents on the Vector Space) is a measure that calculates the cosine of the angle between them. This metric is a measurement of orientation and not magnitude, it can be seen as a comparison between documents on a normalized space because we’re not taking into the consideration only the magnitude of each word count (tf-idf) of each document, but the angle between the documents. What we have to do to build the cosine similarity equation is to solve the equation of the dot product for the:

And that is it, this is the cosine similarity formula. Cosine Similarity will generate a metric that says how related are two documents by looking at the angle instead of magnitude, like in the examples below:

The cosine of two non-zero vectors can be derived by using the Euclidean dot product formula:

Given two vectors of attributes, A and B, the cosine similarity, cos(θ), is represented using a dot product and magnitude as

The resulting similarity ranges from −1 meaning exactly opposite, to 1 meaning exactly the same, with 0 indicating orthogonality or decorrelation, while in-between values indicate intermediate similarity or dissimilarity.

However, in our approach that is going to be used for text matching, the attribute vectors A and B are usually the term frequency vectors of the documents. Cosine similarity can be seen as a method of normalizing document length during comparison.

In the case of information retrieval, the cosine similarity of two documents will range from 0 to 1, since the term frequencies (using tf–idf weights) cannot be negative. The angle between two term frequency vectors cannot be greater than 90°.

If the attribute vectors are normalized by subtracting the vector means the measure is called the centered cosine similarity and is equivalent to the Pearson correlation coefficient. For an example of centering,


We want to motivate users to live a healthy lifestyle. That’s why we created a 6 week challenge, were you can choose between jogging, swimming, walking and cycling and you enter by betting NF token. So let’s say you bet 40 NF tokens (each worth 3 USD) and in total 1000 users join the challenge, that’s 40000 NF tokens in the pool (120000 USD). Only the users that complete the daily goals and complete the 6 week challenge are eligible to divide the pool money.

Download Our Dapp

Our Dapp is now available for android users, manage your funds anytime and anywhere with our great mobile app. Nice design, simple interface, clear instructions and helpful tips. 180NF provides highly secure storage for your Lumens and NF token. Even if our app goes offline or its updating you can access your funds with stellar blockchain. We don’t have control of your money and its always with you.


We will enable scanner at the end of the IEO so stay update in our social media.


180NF (NF) IEO will start soon, for more info about https://catex.io/ieo/detail/NF 180NF IEO starts 19/12/2019 10:00 AM


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