About SilkRoadCoin

About SilkRoadCoin

SilkRoadCoin (SRC) is a cryptocurrency backed for future cross border money movement and crypto banking platform between Silk Road countries, members of more than sixty-five countries, and between companies, institutions, banks, and individuals. SRC tokens are created on the Waves Blockchain platform. Funds collected from the token distribution will be as liquidity of the SRC Banking Platform and managed by a team—experienced bankers, cryptocurrency professionals, and Credit and Trade finance specialists—with proven track records in top profitable banking projects in Silk Road Countries . A project-team head and founder, the LGR Company, manages the operations with regard to the distribution of SilkRoadCoin tokens and the management of the SilkRoadCoin Banking Platform. 

Blockchain technology provides a way for untrusted parties to come to agreement on the state of a database, without using a middleman. By providing a ledger that nobody administers, a blockchain could provide specific financial services — like payments, or securitization — without using a middleman, like a bank.

Further, blockchain allows for the use of tools like “smart contracts,” which could potentially automate manual processes, from compliance and claims processing, to distributing the contents of a will.

For use cases that don’t need a high degree of decentralization — but could benefit from better coordination — blockchain’s cousin, “distributed ledger technology (DLT),” could help corporates establish better governance and standards around data sharing and collaboration.

With global banking currently a $134T industry, blockchain technology and DLT could disintermediate key services that banks provide, including:

Key Services that SilkRoadCoin Banking Platform will Provide:

 1-Payments: B2B and B2C Cross Border Payment between Silk Road countries

By establishing a decentralized ledger for payments (e.g. SilkRoadCoin), blockchain technology could facilitate faster payments at lower fees than banks.

2-Clearance and Settlement Systems: Clearance and direct Settlement between Banks and financial institutions across Silk Road countries

Distributed ledgers can reduce operational costs and bring us closer to real-time transactions between financial institutions.

Crypto Banking services:

  1. Fiat to Crypto and vice versa Exchange Facility
  2. Credit Card Issuance
  3. Credit and Loan services: By removing the need for gatekeepers in the loan and credit industry, blockchain technology can make it more secure to borrow money and provide lower interest rates.
  4. Trade Finance services: By replacing the cumbersome, paper-heavy bills of lading process in the trade finance industry, blockchain technology can create more transparency, security, and trust among trade parties globally.

For more information kindly please take a look at SilkRoadCoin WhitePaper and SilkRoadCoin Roles on banking which are downloadable at: https://lgrglobal.com/documents

Offers for Investors:

SilkRoadCoin is offering 3 sorts of proposal for financial specialists.

  • If investors contribute Euro 50K and above they will get 30% discounts. (SilkRoadCoin = 0.7 Euro)
  • If investors contribute Euro 10K to 50K they will get 20% discounts. (SilkRoadCoin = 0.8 Euro)
  • If investors contribute Euro 5K to 10K they will get 10% discounts. (SilkRoadCoin = 0.9 Euro)


You can reach us at

Web: https://lgrglobal.com

E-mail: [email protected]

Telegram: https://t.me/silkroadcoin

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/2349597

Instagram: https://instagram.com/silkroad_coin

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