TRON extends the invite to head of Poloniex exchange and Binance

TRON extends the invite to head of Poloniex exchange and Binance

TRON is currently ranked at #10, according to the latest available data. The price TRX ascended by 2.38% in the course of the past 24-hours. The trading volume recorded is $594.064 million. The total market cap of TRON is $1.933 billion, which may hit $2 billion by the time Justin meets Warren.

As reported a day ago, the CEO of Circle and the leader of Poloniex Exchange Jeremy Allaire was invited. Justin Sun is scheduled to dine with Warren Buffet, whose opinion is held in high regard by many investors. If Sun can successfully change the thought-process of Buffett, institutional investors for TRON may build.

Earlier, he had invited Charlie Lee, the founder of the Litecoin Foundation. This was reported by Binance a short while back. Changpeng had stated that he would not be able to attend the meet due to plans he had made beforehand.

TRON has been a decent gainer during this year, but in comparison to Cardano, Litecoin and many other, the price surges were negligible. Even now, many have cast doubts on Justin Sun, who still follows a centralized model for the TRON network.

Sun has stated that he will be sending an invite to others within the next 4 days. He had also invited the POTUS, after the latter had commented that he doesn’t deem cryptocurrencies to be trustworthy.

BitTorrentSpeed has also been running pretty smoothly as of now. The Windows version was released a few days back:

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