Zooomex Exchange From The Creators of ARCT Kicks Into High Gear

Zooomex Exchange From The Creators of ARCT Kicks Into High Gear

The crypto exchange market is in for a significant nudge from a serious competitor as the creators of the renowned ARCT arbitrage project have announced the launch of the Zoomex Exchange. The new trading platform is built on a highly secured infrastructure and grants considerable advantages for its users over analogues offerings along with an attractive package of bonuses and tournaments that will allow traders to earn additional income.

The Zooomex exchange has recently successfully ended its preliminary sale of ZXE Tokens with 520 ETH equivalent in ZXE Tokens raised. The exchange will be launching its next round of the IEO on the platform on August 5th and will be preparing for further development and deployment.

One of the key advantages that the Zooomex exchange intends to offer its users is a built-in WEB-client for trading on the exchange, as well a fully secure infrastructure that is protected from hacking and any external interference. The exchange was created on the basis of high security standards and was technically subjected to a series of stringent tests before deployment.

With its exceptional focus on customer support, the Zooomex exchange aims to attract demanding clients seeking rapid response times and clear explanations to any questions arising during the course of trading. The technical support team of the exchange will be taking into account network loads and will be bolstered by a significant increase in staff numbers to accommodate the demands of clients worldwide 24/7.

“Our aim with the development of the Zooomex exchange is to provide high security standards and a convenient trading environment for all our clients. That convenience will be further augmented by the presence of live support staff who will be able to provide quality advice and support to all clients at any time in any language. As the market becomes ever more centered on customer service, we intend to make sure that Zoomex becomes a leading player on the trading market and an example to follow in this regard,” as stated by Kirill Korzhenkov, СЕO of Zooomex.

Another important advantage that Zooomex aims to capitalize on is its low trade commission, which will be only 0.05% of the transaction with trade commissions being even lower for holders of ARCT and ZXE Tokens. The ultimate goal of the exchange is to develop and provide more quality services.

The Zooomex exchange is also providing generous offers for its clients. One of the bonuses is the cancellation of trading commissions for the month of September 2019 for all ZXE Token holders.

The exchange has also introduced a weekly trading tournament program in place that rewards active traders via a specialized formula that is aimed at increasing their activity on the exchange. The program has a total prize fund of 2,500,000 ZXE that will be evenly distributed over the entire period of the program and will be paid weekly on designated days.

The Exchange also offers attractive listing options compared to other exchanges, making it attractive for both existing and potential crypto-projects.

The Zooomex exchange is aiming to become a new leader on the crypto exchange market backed by serious security measures and quality customer support to cater to the most demanding clients. If quality trading software and customer service are to be the key factors determining the success and failure of crypto exchanges on the highly competitive market, then Zoomex is on the high track to success.