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Next week ICO projects

Name of projectOur rateStart date


Sep 18, 2019
10,217.62 USD9,266.84 EUR655,388.87 RUB


Ubricoin 2,429.71%PlayerCoin 665.63%Hurify 374.82%TRONCLASSIC 337.67%Snovian.Space 320.87%Credo 292.25%Ethereum Gold 282.29%ZoZoCoin 280.55%Sakura Bloom 218.61%Nebula AI 213.81%
OOOBTC TOKEN -87.75%SalPay -84.11%XTRD -82.14%HorusPay -78.90%Pecunio -76.86%OLXA -75.57%Coinonat -75.36%SF Capital -71.81%Intelligent Trading Foundation -69.65%Bittwatt -69.64%




Blockchain analysis

PLATFORMtotal Amount and mounth changeEthereum
1,679Own blockchain




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    Sep 11, 201930
  • Review of Oryx ICO projectOryx is the Future Of Decentralization in E-Commerce. It requires special attention....
    Sep 5, 201926
  • Review of Market Maker Technology ICO projectOne of the ways to make cryptocurrency market stable and predictable is to create appropriate infrastructure. In this review we will get acquainted with project that wants to change rules of the game....
    Aug 29, 201941

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